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Eng. Talal Lababidi Profile


Cisco Networking Academy, Yerevan, Armenia. 2003 - 2005

CCNA cource complate (85)

Cisco Networking Academy is a comprehensive e-learning program that enables students to develop valuable information and communication technology skills for increased access to opportunities in the global economy. Since 1997, Networking Academy has grown to reach a diverse population of approximately 600,000 students each year in more than 160 countries. All students receive the same high-quality education, supported by online content and assessments, performance tracking, hands-on labs, and interactive learning tools.

  • CCNA 1 Networking Basics.
  • CCNA 2 Routers and Routing Basics.


    Comprehensive Learning Model

    Cisco Networking Academy comprises four main functional areas:



    The Cisco Networking Academy portfolio consists of 18 courses to help meet the diverse needs of students with different interests and objectives. The Networking Academy courses encourage practical application of knowledge through hands-on activities to prepare students for career opportunities, continuing education, and globally-recognized certifications. Course Catalog



    Cisco Networking Academy partners with public and private institutions such as schools, businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of the program, encourage workforce development, and help students succeed during and after their studies. To help facilitate connections across the human network of students, alumni, instructors, and administrators that participate in the program, the interactive Academy NetSpace site encourages members to showcase their talents and connect with others.



    The robust Networking Academy data-management system processes nearly one million assessments each month and delivers online courses in multiple languages. The online course delivery is supported by classroom instruction to help ensure a consistently-enriching learning experience for students around the world.


    Support & Design

    Cisco Networking Academy continually measures student progress, outcomes, and objectives to ensure that students have the resources necessary to accomplish their goals and adjust program offerings as needed. Around the world, Networking Academy instructors receive extensive training and continual online support to facilitate classroom instruction.


    Bridging the Digital Divide

    Cisco Networking Academy reaches students from different ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds in developed and developing nations through partnerships with secondary schools, colleges, universities, and community organizations such as vocational training centers and correctional facilities.


    In support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, Cisco Networking Academy aims to help bridge the digital divide by extending learning opportunities to students in developing countries and those with disabilities. This is accomplished through strategic initiatives and partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and international NGOs. Networking Academy also empowers women by supporting their professional development and encouraging gender equality within the ICT industry.


    Changing Lives

    Cisco Networking Academy has a positive impact on people’s lives by encouraging career advancement, improving access to the Internet, supporting the growth of the ICT industry, and promoting sustainable economic development in the communities in which it operates.


    As the global demand for skilled ICT workers continues to grow, Cisco Networking Academy strives to provide innovative learning experiences to help students succeed in virtually every type of industry, including healthcare, entertainment, aerospace, and finance.

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